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Our great story begins in Miami, Florida back in 1986 when three brothers Luis, Jose and Juan Carlos Lacal united forces and purchased a small bakery that specialized in making baguettes.  Armed with books, recipes, a lot of experimenting and consulting services, we learned to produce high quality baked goods and slowly found our niche in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to build long-term business relations, and to shine on world-class customer service, we gained one customer at a time and dedicated our efforts to sell our goods to cafeterias and restaurants.  We also offered flexible solutions and developed new products when a customer or a potential customer requested, or when a potential competitor was offering something we were not.  Our commitment to go the extra mile paid off, and business rapidly picked up.


BakeryCorp has come a long way.  We started our operations in a small facility with 1,500 sq. ft., and a few years after we expanded to a new location with 5,000 sq. ft. The location was great but there was turmoil in the neighborhood including riots that took place next to our bakery.  Luckily our premises were not damaged, but after 2.5 years we moved to our current location, where we have an 18,000 sq. ft. USDA registered and FDA certified plant, and ample space to continue expanding our operations and diversifying our product line.


Our team makes all the difference! We take great satisfaction in mentioning that some of our members have been with us since the beginning of our operations. At BakeryCorp we consider each of our staff members an integral part of our company, and we take great pride in recognizing that our success results from working as a team, with a common vision, determination, honesty and unrivaled dedication to each of our customers

Today our company serves a large customer base locally, nationwide and internationally, and we look forward to our continued growth,

and to creating products that will set new industry standards and constantly exceed expectations!

Since our inception in 1986, BakeryCorp has experienced and achieved many objectives including expansion, diversification, modernization, and evolution in operations, refinement of product recipes, and in the selection of better ingredients.  Our progress has taken place as a result of our commitment to manufacture finer goods, to remain abreast with technology, market trends, and to better satisfy our customer needs and demands’. We take pride in mentioning that today we are one of the most respected suppliers of superior quality baked goods that consumers enjoy when they visit hotels, or are on a cruise, on airplanes, restaurants and other foodservice establishments to list a few.


We conduct operations out of our own facility, which we acquired twelve years ago to support our growth and the increased demand for our diverse products.  This is a newer and larger manufacturing plant that has enabled us to streamline our production, to double our capabilities and to fulfill the ever-changing demand for our savory goods.  Our 18,000 sq. ft. facility is USDA registered and FDA certified, and we have  30 plus full time employees and state of the art equipment to ensure that we respond to our clients needs’ in a timely and dependable manner.  Our modern equipment was custom designed and built to increase efficiency in our operations, to maintain the quality of our products, for faster turnaround, and especially to remain competitive without sacrificing any of our standards.  We take great satisfaction in mentioning that our plant undergoes third party inspection and auditing every year, and that we comply with all the necessary requirements in our industry.


Our facility is strategically situated in Miami, from where we manufacture and pack superior quality baked goods, including fully baked and par-baked products.  We offer a large variety of breads ranging from baguettes, to dinner rolls, petite rolls, sandwich breads, artisan breads, and sweets including Danish, muffins, croissants, cakes and ready to eat sandwiches, all with assorted flavors. We offer Direct Store Delivery (DSD) to our local loyal customer base in Dade and Broward County, or we have our goods available FOB at our plant.  For our customers outside of Florida we can ship our products nationwide and internationally including to areas such as the Caribbean (Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico) and Mexico.


With a highly automated factory, skilled craftsmen, and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality and superior customer service, BakeryCorp remains as the preferred supplier for world-renowned foodservice operators that for years have relied on us to deliver products to them even during emergency situations.

Our fusion of manpower and automation are the perfect formula for delivering:

Artisan baked goods that are perfectly crafted, perfectly shaped, and with exquisite taste!

BakeryCorp had humble beginnings, but we are the perfect example that with dedication, a vision, and a firm commitment to succeed, anyone that is determined can reach his or her business goals and dreams.  Our company had very low-key operations back in 1986 when we started, and we only supplied a few baked goods to breakfast oriented cafeterias, and small mom-and-pop shops located within the Miami area.  Our beginning was not easy, but after years of trial and error, and the ongoing challenges we faced to find the right products for the right markets, our company finally found its niche, and since then we have only experienced tremendous growth, diversification and unmatched recognition for the quality of our goods, and our world-class customer service.


As product orders grew, so did the demand for more variety and flavors.  Now it was time to find the right manpower and machinery to allow us to fulfill our orders by the promised timeframes, to adhere to good manufacturing practices, and to maintain the highest level of quality all throughout our process. Fortunately we had engineers in our family who had created a sister company named Robotray, which specialized in building highly automated production systems with cutting edge technology to speed up production, and improve overall operations.  Our system was custom built to BakeryCorp’s specific production needs’ and since then we have perfected our methods and achieved:

Consistency In Product Quality

Reduced Energy Consumption

Consistency In Flavors

Fast Turnaround

Efficient And Lean Production

Food safety

Cost Savings That We Pass Onto Customers

Today BakeryCorp has endless capabilities to fulfill anywhere from high volume orders for wholesale accounts, to a few hundred products for customers in need of contract baking services. We work with hotels, restaurants, and other businesses within the hospitality industry, and also with cruise lines, airline kitchens, distributors, large retail stores and chains, and foodservice operators who have selected us as their premier supplier of premium baked goods ranging from fully baked to par-baked options.


With our highly automated plant and modern equipment, and backed by our skilled bakers who follow our family recipes to the dot to create products that will delight the most discerning palates, we produce goods that are available in a wide array of flavors and sizes. We offer Danish in assorted fruit flavors, muffins, butter croissants, diverse sandwich breads including white, wheat, rye, multigrain, marble, olive bread and much more.  We also offer dinner rolls, baguettes, hoagie rolls, petite rolls, demi baguettes and many artisan breads to choose from.


We are one of the few bakeries in town with an in-house power generator, which allows us to conduct operations normally and to maintain full power in our plant when natural disasters affect the region.  After three decades we have achieved what many said could not be done, and we continue setting new industry standards. In addition, our customer base is still expanding and we remain devoted to continue finding the best ingredients, flavorful and nutritious goods that are first class and deliver the unique flavors that are so particular to our family traditions and cultural heritage. After all we all know what it means to enjoy a delicious and buttery croissant with an espresso…

Established in 1986 – Modernized to meet today’s standards of superior:

Flavors, texture, freshness and nutrition… in a consistent manner!

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BakeryCorp offers one of the most extensive and diverse selections of fully baked and frozen par-baked products in the South Florida region. Our product line ranges from dinner rolls in multiple flavors and sizes, to petite rolls, hoagie rolls, baguettes, demi baguettes, and a multitude of artisan breads.  We also offer sandwich breads, and ready to eat sandwiches with ham, turkey, bologna and a variety of cheeses.


We fulfill small to large scale wholesale orders for a broad customer base including hotels, major cruise lines, world renowned airlines, restaurants, the hospitality industry, coffee shops, institutions, schools, summer camps and other foodservice businesses.  We couple our superior quality products with world-class customer service, and with unmatched flexibility to manufacture goods that exceed our customers’ expectations.

15625 NW 15th Avenue Miami, FL 33169-5601 Ph: 305.623.3838     Fax: 305.626.9189