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Have an idea for a product? Haven’t perfected your recipe? Need a reliable wholesale bakery that can manufacture your goods? Don’t have the facility to manufacture your goods? Don’t have the knowledge?  Don’t want the hassle? We can help you! We specialize in developing tailored solutions to help you create superior quality baked goods that you can sell in your preferred establishment, retail stores, online or through distribution channels.  We make your baked goods happen you decide where to sell them.


With more than 3 decades of experience in the baking industry, and in customer support, our team brings unrivaled industry knowledge, strategic product development, and numerous valued added services for customers seeking assistance in developing a brand new product or to perfect and refine an existing one.  Within our contract baking services we offer the following:

Consulting Services


Recipe Formulation


Ingredient Sourcing & Selection

Private Label

Product Testing

And Other Services As Needed

Within our contract baking agreement, our clients can utilize our equipment, state of the art facility, cutting edge technology machinery, manpower and our invaluable know-how to develop a wide variety of baked goods such as:

Liquid Batter For:

Bread Dough For:


French bread






Artisan Breads

Other Custom Products

Other Custom Breads

We have the capabilities to fulfill small to large-scale orders, and to fabricate products that are sugar free, fat free or as required in the recipe that our customers approve for production.  Our skilled and experienced staff members are involved in every step of the process to ensure that every detail is taken into account to make our customers’ experience productive, pleasant, successful and cost effective.  Our professional team offers solutions from beginning to end, and we assist each client to find the best ingredients and materials so from product formulation to packaging everything comes together perfectly at the end.  From bulk packaging to individual wrapping, BakeryCorp will work with you to find the best option for your product needs and goals.

Contact us and experience why we stand behind the motto:

Fresh ideas in baking!!!

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BakeryCorp offers one of the most extensive and diverse selections of fully baked and frozen par-baked products in the South Florida region. Our product line ranges from dinner rolls in multiple flavors and sizes, to petite rolls, hoagie rolls, baguettes, demi baguettes, and a multitude of artisan breads.  We also offer sandwich breads, and ready to eat sandwiches with ham, turkey, bologna and a variety of cheeses.


We fulfill small to large scale wholesale orders for a broad customer base including hotels, major cruise lines, world renowned airlines, restaurants, the hospitality industry, coffee shops, institutions, schools, summer camps and other foodservice businesses.  We couple our superior quality products with world-class customer service, and with unmatched flexibility to manufacture goods that exceed our customers’ expectations.

15625 NW 15th Avenue Miami, FL 33169-5601 Ph: 305.623.3838     Fax: 305.626.9189