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BakeryCorp offers one of the most extensive and diverse selections of fully baked and frozen par-baked products in the South Florida region. Our product line ranges from dinner rolls in multiple flavors and sizes, to petite rolls, hoagie rolls, baguettes, demi baguettes, and a multitude of artisan breads that can be enjoyed for breakfast in hotels, major cruise lines, world renowned airlines and coffee shops. We also offer sandwich breads, and ready to eat sandwiches with ham, turkey, bologna and a variety of cheeses.  Our sandwiches are available for institutions ranging from schools, retirement centers, to catering companies, summer camps, and hospitals to list a few.


All of our products are carefully manufactured within our USDA registered and FDA certified plant.  We have sourced the best ingredients in the industry to ensure superior quality and shelf life, and our goods are crafted following our own recipes, which have been tested and perfected over the years to deliver savory goods with great flavors, textures, consistency, freshness, softness, crispiness, and overall deliciousness in every bite.  BakeryCorp is HACCP certified on food safety, and our manufacturing facility undergoes third party auditing and inspection yearly. In addition, we have regular inspections conducted by the City, State and FDA among others, and we operated under strict quality control practices.


Our loyal clients have and continue to trust us as a result of the superior quality of our products, our unrivaled customer service, fast turnaround and unmatched ability to deliver any of our products on time and cost effectively 24/7. Our team members are devoted to assisting each of our clients in the foodservice industry to be successful and to grow their businesses by having the products they need when they need them, and where they need them.


Our products contain great nutritional value, they are made to order, and we offer sugar free, fat free and other options as required by our clients.  Our goods are available in wholesale quantity, and we provide delivery service within Dade and Broward County, and dependable shipping options for frozen products for our internationally customer base.

With our own time-tested recipes, skilled staff members and a state of the art manufacturing plant, we produce:

Premium quality baked goods 24/7.

Our Danish are available in small to large sizes, and come in individually wrapped presentation. They are made with the finest ingredients within our state of the art USDA registered and FDA certified plant.  BakeryCorp is the premier supplier of baked goods to clients in the foodservice industries ranging from hotels, to hospitals, airline kitchens, cruise lines, foodservice distributors, and food operators locally, nationwide within the United States, in Mexico, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.


We carry a large selection of Danish including everyone’s favorite Cheese flavor! We also offer assorted fruit flavors including the following:

Apple Danish

Pineapple Danish

Blueberry Danish

Apricot Danish

Cherry Danish

Prune Danish

Contact us with your unique needs. We are small enough to be flexible to your needs, and large enough to fulfill your orders on time,

cost effectively, and with superior quality every time.

Our muffins are available in sizes ranging from 2oz., 3oz, 4oz., 5oz, and 6 oz., and they come in individually wrapped presentation. Whether you are a restaurant, cafeteria, coffee shop, hotel, or in the foodservice industry, we can fulfill your needs in a fast, dependable, cost effective and reliable manner 24/7.  Contact one of our professional team members to discuss your unique needs.  We are equipped and experience to give you the options that best fit your business goals.


BakeryCorp knows a lot about muffins!  We have been crafting them for years and offer a large variety of delicious options in assorted flavors including:

Blueberry Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins

Banana Nut Muffins

Orange-Cranberry Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Poppy Seed Muffins

Raisin Bran Muffins

Sweet Corn Muffins

Our croissants are available in individually wrapped presentation.  If you are a hotel, cafeteria, restaurant, cruise line, or in the hospitality industry and searching for croissants that are crafted to perfection, we have them for you!  Let your guests and patrons enjoy these savory goods, give them one, or two, maybe more, they are really good!  Tell us more about your specific needs, we are known for great products, great ideas and world-class customer service.


Buttery, puffy, delicious, irresistible…these are some ways to describe our savory croissants! Our butter-blend croissants are available as follows:

Small Croissants 1.2 oz.

Large Croissants 3.0 oz.

BakeryCorp understands that quality products with homemade and authentic flavors will always bring back your customers.  This is why we have perfected our recipes to manufacture outstanding baked goods that you will be proud to serve.  Contact our company and experience first hand simply delicious goods coupled with dependable and customer-driven services.


Who doesn’t enjoy a warm, buttery bread that is perfectly baked all to complement a delicious dinner at your establishment? Within our brown and serve options we offer the following fully baked and par-baked frozen with a 6-month shelf life.

French Petite Rolls

French Demi Baguettes

Whole Wheat Petite Rolls

Whole Wheat Demi Baguettes

Italian Petite Rolls

Rye Demi Baguettes

Original Baguettes

French Hoagie Rolls

Whole Wheat Baguettes

Italian Hoagie Rolls

Rye Baguettes

Whole Wheat Hoagie Rolls

Pumpernickel Baguettes

Brioche Hoagie Rolls

Pumpernickel Hoagie Rolls

Our comprehensive product line offers something for everyone!  From homey flavors that bring childhood memories, to nutritional value, to textures, freshness, to sweet and savory, everything comes together to deliver complete satisfaction.  Contact BakeryCorp with your specific needs. We will give you a tailored solution that meets your goals, and that wins your patrons over and over again…


Our products are requested by world famous restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice operators locally and internationally.  They know that consistent quality and finer goods pay off!  We offer the following dinner roll options:

White Dinner Rolls

Rye Dinner Rolls

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Honey Wheat Dinner Rolls

Onion Pumpernickel Dinner Rolls

French Dinner Rolls

Poppy Seed Dinner Rolls

Ciabatta Dinner Rolls

Sesame Dinner Rolls

Brioche Dinner Rolls

Our dinner rolls are available in individually wrapped presentation.

BakeryCorp has gained a stellar reputation for manufacturing premium quality baked goods including a variety of breads and buns perfect for the most discerning tastes.  Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, or in the foodservice industry, our selection, affordability and quality will impress you and your patrons.

Our Artisan Bread Options Include:

Our Sandwich Bread Options Include:



Honey Wheat

Whole Wheat

Raisin Pumpernickel


Walnut Cranberry




Various Artisan Bread Sizes:


1.0 lbs. - 3.0 lbs.

Olive Bread


Onion Rye

We are experienced bakers with the dedication to bringing authentic, traditional and just delicious flavors.

Call us with your needs. We are available to fulfill your product orders 24/7.

Our ready to eat sandwiches are carefully crafted to deliver delicious savory flavors that satisfy everyone at any age! Within our diverse selection we offer the following:

Meat Options Sandwiches Including:

Cheese Options Sandwiches Including:


White American






Yellow American



Roast beef



All sandwiches come in individually wrapped presentation to ensure freshness, optimal handling, quality presentation and longer shelf life!


School cafeterias, summer camps, hospitals and clinics, catering companies, coffee shops, restaurants and other foodservice operators continue coming to BakeryCorp knowing that our products will always be consistent in quality and flavors.  Our ingredients, recipes, and process have been perfected to offer the freshness and deliciousness that everyone deserves.  Call us with your needs.  We have a lot of options to select from, or we can custom make your preferred one!

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BakeryCorp offers one of the most extensive and diverse selections of fully baked and frozen par-baked products in the South Florida region. Our product line ranges from dinner rolls in multiple flavors and sizes, to petite rolls, hoagie rolls, baguettes, demi baguettes, and a multitude of artisan breads.  We also offer sandwich breads, and ready to eat sandwiches with ham, turkey, bologna and a variety of cheeses.


We fulfill small to large scale wholesale orders for a broad customer base including hotels, major cruise lines, world renowned airlines, restaurants, the hospitality industry, coffee shops, institutions, schools, summer camps and other foodservice businesses.  We couple our superior quality products with world-class customer service, and with unmatched flexibility to manufacture goods that exceed our customers’ expectations.

15625 NW 15th Avenue Miami, FL 33169-5601 Ph: 305.623.3838     Fax: 305.626.9189