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BakeryCorp is known to shine in service and to have the most comprehensive options for existing and new clients who come to us for the finest and most assorted selection of baked goods. Our clients know that when they work with us they receive products that have been carefully manufactured under the strictest quality control measures, all within our own manufacturing plant and that we make them available to them 24/7.  From hotels, to cruise lines, to schools, restaurants, foodservice operators, to hospitals and airline kitchens among others, each of our loyal customers can rest assured that they will receive their products on time, with consistent quality, flavors and textures.


With more than 30 years specializing in manufacturing, sales and customer support, our staff members can safely say that today we remain industry pioneers in product quality, availability, fulfillment and deliveries. We are also one of the most flexible companies willing to accommodate most of our customers’ wishes, and offering made to order products with fast turnaround and in a competitive level.  Since 1986 we have been fulfilling from the simplest to the most complex requests for customers that have come to us with unique orders and tight deadlines. We take great satisfaction in mentioning that we exceeded their expectations, and today they continue trusting us with their needs, which are constantly evolving as a result of industry trends, consumer behavior, and the demand for more convenient products, and diversity in flavors.


Our company manufactures fully baked and par baked products ranging from breads, Danish, croissants, muffins, to ready to eat sandwiches which we make to order for schools, summer camps and cafeterias, following their specific nutritional requirements sometimes including specific amounts of protein and dairy. We are also known for fulfilling emergency or last minute orders for airline kitchens, for our rapid order fulfillment for organizations such as FEMA, Governmental agencies, and power utility companies to list a few, during natural disasters, and for assisting catering companies with their baked goods ranging from small to large scale orders.


We are able to offer fast turnaround as a result of our systematic and organized approach, our highly automated and cutting edge machinery, and especially because we are backed up by an experienced and hard working team.  Every one of our staff members works together to ensure total customer satisfaction. This means that each client is treated with utmost importance and dedication, and that we pre-plan and anticipate for their needs. For this, we pre-stock ingredients and frozen dough to fulfill their scheduled orders, or to complete their last minute needs’.


BakeryCorp has also developed strategic relations with freight forwarders in order to ship our frozen goods to customers nationwide within the United States, and internationally to customers in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dominican Republic.  In a nutshell, we do it all!


We strive to be a-one-stop shop and to deliver comprehensive and customer-driven services from beginning to end including the following:

Flexible Product Options

Made To Order Services

Personalized Services

Contract Baking Services

Local Delivery To Dade & Broward County

Products Can Also Be Picked Up At Our Location

We make delicious goods made with “homemade recipes” to keep your customers coming back!

Ph: 305.623.3838     Fax: 305.626.9189

BakeryCorp offers one of the most extensive and diverse selections of fully baked and frozen par-baked products in the South Florida region. Our product line ranges from dinner rolls in multiple flavors and sizes, to petite rolls, hoagie rolls, baguettes, demi baguettes, and a multitude of artisan breads.  We also offer sandwich breads, and ready to eat sandwiches with ham, turkey, bologna and a variety of cheeses.


We fulfill small to large scale wholesale orders for a broad customer base including hotels, major cruise lines, world renowned airlines, restaurants, the hospitality industry, coffee shops, institutions, schools, summer camps and other foodservice businesses.  We couple our superior quality products with world-class customer service, and with unmatched flexibility to manufacture goods that exceed our customers’ expectations.

15625 NW 15th Avenue Miami, FL 33169-5601 Ph: 305.623.3838     Fax: 305.626.9189